Super Future 3039 Rave!
It´s time for mayhem. Prepare yourself for a heavy nightout.
It´s a family affair. And it´s special for sure.
Come early, stay late and please respect each other.

DJ Normal 4 (Aiwo rec. - Mülheim Ruhr)
Dj Frankie (GHETTO TRAXX - Barcelona)
DJ これからの緊急災害 (FTP, Land of Dance - Barcelona)
Dogpatrol (GHETTO TRAXX, Sneaker Social Club - Mannheim)
DJ Money (Aroma Pitch, Cologne Sessions - Berlin)
RitaRetarded (29 - Leipzig)
Bas Grossfeldt (Nacht Eins - Cologne)
Ray Monero (GHETTO TRAXX - Cologne, Bremen)
Coca Cobra (Turnland, Soft Spot - Hanover)
Introducing a new chapter in Cologne: Baka Gaijin at JAKI!

Roman Flügel (DIAL RECORDS, ESP Institute, Robert Johnson, Berlin)

Lucas Croon (Salon des Amateurs, Düsseldorf)

Le Dernier (Baka Gaijin, Düsseldorf)

Celebrate with love, it's Valentines Day.

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