08.04.2016, 23:00

Studio 672 - RISE and KICKIN' pres. CREDIT 00 (Uncanny Valley)

CREDIT 00 (Uncanny Valley / Rat Life Records)
Tim Schumacher (Aiwo rec. / Themes For Great Cities)
DG Buffett (Alaaf and Kickin')
Jules (RISE)

'"A lot of times we played places that got fear in ’em, where some fear went down. East Germany, you know Dresden, places that aint particularly happy” …so Mad Mike said after playing post–cold war Dresden in the early 90ies. 20 years later the fear is gone, all the ruins got rebuilt and the streets cleaned up. The hippies finished studying architecture, bought the squat houses and now complain about noise after 10pm. Everything is more colourful and safe now, there are no more nails sticking out the jungle gym. But what happened to the dirty basements, the fucked up backyards and abandoned factories? The places we called our playgrounds? Of course! You say. Thats the way it goes! Stop crying, move on, get a wife and a job! Well some of us did not manage yet, and to those we want to dedicate Rat Life Records..."
The philosophy behind Credit 00 starting Rat Life Records says a lot about him and his music. It might seem to contrast the forward-thinking sounds of Uncanny Valley, his original label which has built up a sizeable reputation since 2010. But after hearing his sets and seeing him live it all makes sense: blend the old with the new until the lines blur, and it's 6am and you're covered in sweat.

Warming you up:
*special guest* Tim Schumacher, fresh from a sold-out EP as FØRUM
+ residents Jules & DG Buffett who haven't made any EPs but are great anyway