13.04.2018, 23:00

Studio 672 - NOW w. Mr. Ties, Alma & Mater, DJ Sex, DJ Weemon

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Ancient Future Now having a remix release party.

// Line Up //
Mr.Ties // Alma & Mater // DJ Sex // DJ Weemon

MR: TIIIEEEESSS & important links

Mr Ties is Francesco de Nittis, born 23 September in Giovinazzo, now based in Berlin but a citizen of the world.
He is among the newest, most important and
innovative figures in the music scene – on many levels...
Attempting to define Mr Ties, the first word that comes to mind is unclassifiable.
He combines eclectic choices with an ample capacity to meld styles, genres and customs to communicate his own sense of music in its purest essence. The most appropriate definition is that he is at once an artisan and – regarding his meticulous and involved connection to music – an artist.
Rhirsty for knowledge since his teenage years, and having had various experiences in the sound world (working in a record press, sound engineering etc…), Mr Ties built his way step by step to become one of the most promising DJs and producers of his
Allying artisanal savoir faire with a never-ending hunt for records of any type, he shows a total and natural mastery of his subject. He demonstrates his skills in his monthly party HOMOPATIK, founded with Danilo Rosato at the ://about blank venue – every time matching his track record for the most generous and joyful presence.
He has made this party one of the most appreciated and soon-to-be legendary parties of Berlin. The success comes from a perfect combo of high quality programming for acute listeners and a true feeling of freedom that becomes harder and harder to find in the
Intensely authentic in his approach, every set is a new experience and a real performance, communicating his deep love for the immense diversity of all types of music. This is what keeps him vibrating...
Mr Ties is an artist in the truest sense of the word: visionary, humanist and a dreamer, his music comes from the heart to touch yours.
bio by Maryama Luccioni



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