14.06.2019, 21:30

Roxy Club - KUNST IM KLUB w/ Die Wilde Jagd _dj & Gregor Schwellenbach _live

Flyer für: Roxy Club - KUNST IM KLUB w/ Die Wilde Jagd _dj & Gregor Schwellenbach _live
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The vinyl only record label minimood introduces the concept KUNST IM KLUB in cologne in collaboration with the roxy club. the spheres of *club* and *art gallery* are synthezised into a holistic immersive nocturnal experience. It is envisioned to bring together the different local artistic microcosms in cologne within a visually as well as sonically inspiring context for multidisciplinary interaction.

The PLEASURE DWELLS ON NIGHTS exhibition by MARIJANA MARIJANA MARIJANA will be on display with a special vernissage at 21h30. This series of photographs follows devotees of night in different places. There is this time when sounds sound differently, when faces shine in dark, when moves come more elegantly, when every idea that pops out seems so tangible, when our body and mind finally dance together, when our ears become attentive, when we’re so focused, yet so far away, floating. This type of feeling is intended to be transmitted by the exhibition. Marijana Marijana Marijana is a Belgrade born and Ehrenfeld based film-photography artist with her own studio including the dark room *Silver Halide Crystals* in Cologne.

GREGOR SCHWELLENBACH works in contemporary classical, avant pop and electronic club music and is well-known for always crossing the borders between between concert hall and club in an elegant way. Since 2016 one of Gregor's main projects became *Six Pianos*, a cooperation of six international contemporary piano players performing Steve Reich's legendary trademark composition from 1973. At KUNST IM KLUB he will perform an electronic live set presenting an assemblage of ambient and unreleased experiments that have accumulated in his mind as well as on his hard drive over recent years.

DIE WILDE JAGD is the creation of Berlin based producer and songwriter Sebastian Lee Philipp. The eponymous debut album – a dense, atmospheric mix of repetitive guitar loops, electronic percussion, drums, synthesizers and German lyrics – was released in 2015. Die Wilde Jagd’s sophomore album *Uhrwald Orange* was released in 2018 on bureau b. to much critical acclaim. For his appearance at KUNST IM KLUB Sebastian will play a special conceptual dj set with a poetic narrative.

Following the performances by GREGOR SCHWELLENBACH and DIE WILDE JAGD, the roxy is metamorphosing back into club territory and beyond. The electronic music artists SHUMI and VOLTMAR will be playing extended dj sets -- each of them with his very own distinctive immersive twist.

Throughout the night visual installations by HAUKE VÖLKEL will add a complementary level of inspiration. Hauke is based at the Institute for Popular Music at the Folkwang University in Essen. He works in and does research on *Visual Music*, exploring the worlds and possibilities between visuals, music and surfaces.