15.01.2016, 23:00

Reineke Fuchs - Retrograde at Reineke Fuchs with Marlon Hoffstadt

Flyer für: Reineke Fuchs - Retrograde at Reineke Fuchs with Marlon Hoffstadt
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Imagine you are traveling in a train and there is a second one moving next to yours in the same direction. If that train is slightly slower than yours, it will seem to you that it goes backwards. Sometimes we feel like moving in reverse even though we are progressing, in fact we are moving Retrograde.

Marlon Hoffstadt’s & Natureboy Gold’s new label launched in the early summer of 2015. Its familiar structure is homeland of the three buddies Marlon, Matteo and Gerrit, living in the same street and sharing the same vision. The whole project works in tight cooperation with the surrealistic painter Hermann Reimer, who provides Retrograde with his extraordinarily catalogue of artworks. Besides the first release of the young Berlin imprint by Lo & Matteo Luis in November, the guys started a residency at their favourite venue in Berlin: Retrograde at ://about blank.
After two proper nights in the renowned club with the likes of Florian Kupfer, Kornel Kovacs, Kris Wadsworth and many more and ahead of Marlon’s first release on Retrograde in cooperation with Chicago House Music pioneer Paris Brightledge, the 'Retrograde at' series will take place at Matteo Luis former residency Reineke Fuchs in Cologne for the first time the 15th of January, 2016.

Line Up:

Marlon Hoffstadt (Play It Down I FFRR I Retrograde)

Matteo Luis (LIKE I Get Physical I Retrograde)

Natureboy Gold (Kreislauf I Retrograde)

RA: http://www.residentadvisor.net/event.aspx?787274