12.03.2016, 23:00

Reineke Fuchs - Lumiga #003

we.magine nimmt euch mit auf eine bunte Reise..
Wir haben angerichtet, ihr dürft schmausen kommen. Voilà!

Auf zur Lumiga, ab in die strahlende Nacht!


Samstag 12/03/16 I 23h I 9€


Für das musikalische Wohl sorgen..

Fabio Montana (INCROYABLE MUSIC/ Click Records)

Fabio Vanore-Landsberg a.k.a. Fabio Montana started turning his passion into a career only a few years ago. In little to no time, the Italian-born DJ made a name for himself and quickly develop and fine-tune his skills as a talented
producer. His most recent tracks, released on prestigious labels such as Incroyable Music and Katermukke, are a clear testament to the depth of his musical repertoire.
Currently, Fabio Montana is working on several new productions for labels like Click Records , Definition Music and his homeless Incroyable Music including a number of compelling remixes. His newest EP "Eclipse" is a collaboration with his friend Beatamines and was was just released by Click Records Amsterdam.
Get ready for numerous exciting projects and productions from Fabio Montana – be prepared!

Weisser Rabe (beatverliebt./ Jeden Tag ein Set)

Yannick aka Weisser Rabe is addicted to music and it was just a matter of time untile he cured his addiction with djing. Fascinated by electronic music he started his project Weisser Rabe in the summer of 2013. Within a short period of time his sets and podcasts have reached the hearts of many listeners worlwide and his fan base growing every day.
Weisser Rabe is deeply located in Tech House, Deep House and reduced sounds. In his DJ-Sets he is showing his special antenna for the crowd. As a result Weisser Rabe gets every dancefloor to freak out.
In 2014 he started his famous podcast series beatverliebt and continued his dedicated work by teaming up with JedenTagEinSet. If you want to catch him during his beloved festival season in the summer of 2016, gigs for the Burning Beach (Nürnberg) and Vogelball (Hamburg) are already announced!

Youlaike (INCROYABLE MUSIC/ Lumiga)

Jules und Eichi. 1988 und 2012. Mainz und Köln. Freunde und Freundesfreunde. Perfektionismus und geistesgegenwärtige Abwesenheit. Deep und melodisch und voll auf die 12 - wenn’s passt. Open Air und Techno Schuppen. Geben und Nehmen. Liebe Liebende und Hass Hassende. Den Moment genießen und den Kopf zerbrechen. Respekt. Fairness. Toleranz. Und manchmal auch zu viel des Guten. Eigenartig und vielfältig. Bunter Hund und graue Maus. Licht und Schatten. Tagträumer und Nachteulen. Verspielt und strukturiert. Spontan und weniger spontan. Heute Köln und morgen die Welt.