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Reineke Fuchs - HEUTE: electronic love pres. KRUSE & NUERNBERG - Reineke Fuchs

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Es ist wieder soweit! Electronic Love fördert die Näschenliebe und lädt am Samstag zum gemeinsamen Tanz ein. Schlechte Absichten und nächtliche Emotionen garantiert. Eine Party vor denen deine Eltern dich immer gewarnt haben!

Unsere bärtigen Brüder KRUSE & NUERNBERG bespielen gemeinsam mit der wilden Schwester Eszter und dem rebellischen rude boy Marcel Wolff unseren geliebten Fuchsbau!

WIR FREUEN UNS AUF EUCH UND BLEIBEN BIS ZUM #szeneputzen! #säuftbeidir

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Kruse & Nuernberg (OFF Recordings I Exploited Rec)
Eszter (e.love | WIR Schwestern)
Marcel Wolff -Artist Page (e.love)

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Kruse & Nuernberg have been a constant presence in the spotlight of the deep house scene for a while now. With championing releases like Lovers n' Fighters on Noir Music, (a Beatport Deep House Number 1 for weeks) in 2010, Daze Without You (Resident Advisor Number 2) on Liebe*Detail in 2011 or their Off Course EP on Andre Crom's OFF Recordings in 2013 they have shown a consistency that few others can brag about.

Very few producers embrace the concept of "Teamwork" as literally as Florian Kruse and Nils Nuernberg. Both born and raised in a rural area near thriving Hamburg but with different musical roots and influences, both passionate djs in their own right, both outgoing and always eager for good fun and; above all, both promising music creators. It only took an encounter to set it all off... Once they got together to create their first hip-moving beat, it all became so natural and fluid that several years and influences later, we find them both having studios in Hamburg and Berlin and being at the forefront of a revolutionary deep house revival all over the world, turning dancefloors into frenzy with an always thankful, shiny smile on their faces and enjoying the occational silly, shallow prank, always trying to create good memories.