29.04.2022, 23:00

Odonien - EhrenKlub in Odonien #3 mit Elli Acula, Fka.m4a uvm.

EhrenKlub in Odonien #3

Freitag // 29.04.22 // Odonien

EhrenKlub - Genre-Bending meets Diversity.


The Hard Ones:

* ELLI ACULA (Spandau20)

* Lena

* Vero Modus

* Xamara

The Groovy Ones:

* FKA.m4a

* Aino DJ

* Sandilé

Sound by: VOID Acoustics

Early Bird: 15€ + VVK * Kein Mindestverzehr

Phase 1: 18€ + VVK * Kein Mindestverzehr

Phase 2: 20€ + VVK * Kein Mindestverzehr

Es gelten die ZU DER ZEIT DER VA gültigen Regeln der CoronaSchVO

Fühlt Ihr euch krank, bleibt bitte zu Hause.

To assure the party a safe space for everyone the participation of all is required. Be aware of your own boundaries and respect the boundaries of others!

If you are affected by discrimination, feeling the line being crossed or you can't deal with a situation, turn to the ones around you or to the Awareness Team. We will have 2 mobile teams who you can identify by the red lights.

The Awareness Team can support you in conflicts, has a sympathetic ear and helps you to find a solution.

Stay safe!

Solltet ihr sexistisches, nationalistisches oder diskriminierendes Gedankengut in jedweder Form in euch tragen, so bitten wir euch, von unserem Rave fernzubleiben. Der Schutz von diskriminierungsfreien Räumen - dazu gehört auch unsere Veranstaltung - hat für uns oberste Priorität.

Meet the Artists:

Meet ELLI ACULA: "Berlin resident Elli Acula is without doubt an artist for a new creative age. Her intrinsic part of the group of creative minds known as Spandau20 has already started to bear music fruit by way for her first release on the imprint. The fact that she is already working with the likes of Steffi and her home boys FJAAK will indeed mean that further success awaits this multidisciplined artists.

As a result of her time in Detroit, San Diego and other parts of Germany Elli has built up a robust expanse of techno knowledge and she regularly flexes this."

Meet FKA.m4a: “Everyone needs a dose of fka.m4a in their lives. The London-born artist moved to Berlin over two years ago and remains a constant source of warmth on the
airwaves of the city’s HÖR Radio, where they bounce between Italo disco, chunky house, hi-NRG beats and pepperings of psychedelic techno with exuberant energy.
Standing out like the intricately-coloured tattoos emblazoned on their chest, fka.m4a’s seamless, feel-good mixes have anchored their presence in Berlin’s
dance music and queer scene. Recently signed to Apelago agency, there’s no doubt FKA.m4a is ready to take on an increasingly busy schedule of bookings that
will propel their radiant sound worldwide, and the’ve begun to drop hints online about a solo production in the works, due for release at the end of the year.”
- DJ Mag