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Odonien - OFF x like Odonien: Andre Crom, TWR72, Kollektiv Ost

Flyer für: Odonien - OFF x like Odonien: Andre Crom, TWR72, Kollektiv Ost
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OFF Recordings Showcase x LIKE Records
feat. ANDRE CROM (OFF Recordings, Berlin), TWR 72 (Float, Amsterdam NL), KOLLEKTIV OST (3000° / Katermukke, Berlin)

Wir freuen wir uns auf das Berliner Label OFF Recordings um Andre Crom, das sich das erste Mal in Odonien mit einem eigenen Showcase präsentieren wird. Dazu gesellen sich die Amsterdamer Techno-Aushängeschilder TWR27. Nebenan gibt es kölschen House & Techno mit der Like Posse und den Berlinern Kollektiv Ost. Im Bass-Bus könnt ihr mit der Kölner D&B-Legende X-Plorer und Freunden auf eine Reise gehen und ordentlich durchschütteln lassen. #LikeOFFinOdonien


OFF Recordings Showcase (Techno)
ANDRE CROM [OFF Recordings, Berlin]
TWR72 [Float, Amsterdam NL]
O’DOYLE [†i†]

LIKE Records (DeepHouse, Tech-House)
KOLLEKTIV OST [3000° / Katermukke, Berlin]
SANDILÉ [†i†, like]

Bass-Bus (Drum&Bass, Bass music, Halfstep)


// OFF Recordings / Andre Crom

Constant change. Known as globally touring DJ and the man behind OFF Recordings for many years, the last year saw massive changes for Andre Crom. He embarked on a journey in many ways, physically (from Berlin to Barcelona), musically (from house to techno), and artistically, from being primarily a DJ, to becoming a full-fledged music producer. After years of global touring, mostly based on heading a wellknown label, and having coproduced a number of club hits, Crom realized that - few exceptions apart - the foundation of becoming and staying an internationally relevant electronic music artist, is to become a really accomplished producer with a trademark sound. In the past, music production used to be something intimidating to Crom, a process where one constantly has to face their limits. But limits can be overcome, and after a few months of obsessive studying, learning and producing, he nowadays feels as home in his studio as behind the decks. Crom: "It gives me a great satisfaction to create a new track, play it on the weekend and see people really go for it. But it is also the pure joy of learning and creating, which drives me into the studio pretty much every day." The result of this production marathon is a series of new releases started in 2016 on OFF and other labels. Musically, Crom is exploring the borders between house and techno. Warm and raw saturated beats meet melodic and rhythmic themes, which add hook-factor and character to the grooves. The resulting tracks and songs are as dancefloor-effective as they are emotional. Andre Croms enduring passion for underground dance music becomes most visible during his dj-sets, where he seamlessly combines house and techno, melodic and monotone themes, function and emotion, to create an effortless flow and deep connection with the dancefloor.

// Kollektiv Ost

Birds of feather flock together: Both Sandro Schäufel and Marcel Schulz originally come from the land of the thousand lakes, the North-Eastern German state of Mecklenburg and both have a passionate enthusiasm for electronic music and everything that relates to it since their early youth. They established the “collective East” around 2003 when it became a synonym for frisky underground raves, today it stands for the musical weekend relationship of the two. It is a “weekend relationship” because Marcel decided to move to the German capital, Berlin, some time ago while Sandro is still staying in his native country Mecklenburg. The spatial distance between the two is not a problem at all. Just the opposite, it turned out to be kind of an advantage for the pleasantly crazy duo: While the one embraces metropolitan influences and ideas, the other is inspired by a quiet and peaceful natural environment. In consequence, they complement each other in a pretty unique selection of forcing Tech House rhythms. This special quality can not only be witnessed when listening to one of their energetic DJ sets, but is also audible in their own productions. The meetings of the musical weekend relationship take place in clubs most often, where it’s musical eruptions frequently cause collective dance floor madness. Finally, their label Simple as That Records was founded to present the very personal Kollektiv Ost definition of groove.


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