21.10.2023, 23:00

Odonien - Odonien Records Label Night w./ Just Emma & underyourskinrecords

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w/Just Emma and support from the Underyourskin Records residents from Berlin, who will provide a downtempo floor for us.

Downtempo, Slowrave w/ Underyourskin Records Floor:

Just Emma, Underyourskin Records, Berlin & Malta
The power duo Just Emma sets you free, to drift from reality into a different world. For more than a decade Alex and Saskia have been sharing their driving, deep, melodic and playful sound with audiences around the world.

Just Emma release their dark and melodic interpretation of electronic music on their label, Underyourskin Records. the duo is known for playing transcendent early morning sets, guiding the crowd through an ocean of diverse sounds.

Thea & Schtu, Underyourskin Records, Berlin
Carried by atmospheric waves, enchanted by groovy rhythms, euphorized by deep bass - thea & schtu love to drift with pretty much everything that happens between 20 and 20,000 Hertz and are not infrequently amazed themselves at the new shores they end up on. Since 2020, shortly after they met for the first time on a boat on the Müggelsee, thea & schtu have been producing together and released tracks on down., Akasha MX, Beyond and most recently laut& luise. Although they like to get a little faster and dirty when DJing, their own music is rather dedicated to slower tempos and thus fulfills their two most important criteria: slow & with love.

Urem, Underyourskin Records, Berlin
Urem's signature style of dark, groovy sounds is hard to pin down, but unmistakable. He creates a moving and instantly recognizable sound that combines elements of downtempo, tech house, Brazilian bass and bass house.

Born and raised in Berlin in the 90's, Urem played classical music as a child but fell in love with the electronic music scene at Fusion Festival in his late teens, which inspired him to produce and play his own music. His sound, which playfully combines driving rhythms with emotional melodies and dark vocals, quickly brought him to Berlin's top clubs. Urem creates an intoxicating musical journey like no other.

Techno, Melodic, House w/ Odonien Records:

cyrus, Odonien Records, Cologne
cyrus spent years perfecting his skills and cultivating a unique musical style. With melodic techno and house elements in his songwriting and DJ sets, he craves to create those special moments on the dance floor that make you feel like you're in the right place at the right time.

Zentrifuge, Odonien Records, Cologne
Cologne based electronic musican. Deeply connected to the famous german club Odonien his music is made for the dancefloor. He is always looking for the thin red line between peaktime techno and melodic house with a special twist... the twist of a centrifuge.

Henning Seebode b2b Milan, Odonien Records, Cologne

Bus Floor - Daydream Studio, Cologne

Aellycious b2b Annemalie; Emilski; Ferrand; Serried; Aufkeinenfalk

With their multi-genre podcast, Daydream Studio created a platform to publish the work of mostly uprising DJs and artists. The Daydream Crew will bring a broad palette of electronic music and make you dive into a journey of dreamy trance, energetic techno and bouncy house – serving you various rhythms and intensities.