06.10.2018, 23:00

Odonien - HVOB Clubtour Cologne

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+ Jonathan Kaspar
+ Schienenhalle hosted by Musik Die Mich Antreibt: Wombaz, Philip Schmitz, Yannickson und Oliver Hillfire.

Tickets: https://www.eventbrite.de/e/hvob-clubtour-cologne-tickets-50264021040

To coincide with the release of the emphatically raw EP „ERASER/ZINC“ HVOB have decided to tour select clubs across Europe, playing intimate gigs featuring only Anna Müller and Paul Wallner (exceptionally without a drummer). The club tour, which will take place between the global tour dates, is HVOB's way of getting back to their roots.

Anna Müller and Paul Wallner will release their new EP "ERASER/ZINC" on September 28, featuring two new HVOB tracks and a remix of each. The "Eraser" remix is by Matrixxman, the "Zinc" remix by Vril from the Giegling family.

The EP is the precursor to HVOB's fourth album, which will appear in spring 2019. Both the EP and album will be released on PIAS.

Odonien - Hornstr. 85 - 50823 Cologne