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@odonien_records x @distillery_leipzig
Sat. 02nd December; 23:00 - 08:00 at @odonien, Cologne

-> Techno + Rave + Breaks

Vincent Neumann , Leipzig

Vincent Neumann has been a resident at Leipzig's Distillery since 2012 and is happy to share his passion for dance music on a regular basis.

The vibes during his DJ sets are often described as energetic, driving, enthusiastic and sometimes even relentless, without ever sacrificing taste, quality and enjoyment. For him, authenticity always trumps fame, and anyone who has witnessed one of his 10-hour, Golden Spoon award-winning marathon sets at Berghain or elsewhere will understand what it's all about.


Nadine Talakovics , Leipzig

Nadine Talakovics - always been dedicating her life to music - got her start promoting doom, metal and punk shows in Leipzig during her early twenties. Beginning her journey as a DJ in 2015, she has since become a staple at such parties as STAUB at ://about blank in Berlin, announced her residency at DISTILLERY in Leipzig beginning of 2018 and has also passed over the Atlantic to deliver her sound across borderlines. Her only vinyl sets, no matter if ambient or dark driven techno, are characterized by an ethereal lucidity and an unquestionable passion for music.


Odonien Records, Planet Sauvage, Cologne

Hyeena is a Live Performing & DJ duo from Cologne coming at you with a fast and
forward take on club music. Distorted kicks, huge trance leads, and gabberesque sounds inspired by the dutch club sound & early hardcore scene.

So far they have released on their own labels; Planet Sauvage & Odonien Records.
Residency at Odonien and curatorship at Odonien Records.


-> Techno + Melodic + House

Anna Malysz, Leipzig
b2b Miami Müller, Leipzig

Anna Malysz, one quarter of the Monobloc crew nice4what, fills her DJ sets with an eclectic mix of minimal, deep to minimal, deep to proggy to warehouse-reminiscent house. She is anchored in the Leipzig scene on many levels. Formerly one of the bookers at Conne Island, now part of the nice4what collective, G-Edit and the DRIVE series and organizer, she is also active as a multiplier with DJ workshops.
b2b with the leipzig pioneer Miami Müller. He is 1/2 of HW Rhapsody and regularly plays the closing at Nachtdigital, is part of Conne Island in Leipzig


Fabian Porter
Odonien Records, Cologne


Bach & Blüte
Odonien Records, Cologne

Brutal board meets sweet melody. Tough announcement full of tender empathy. That's how you could describe the bandwidth of the two strategists. Bach & Blüte captivate on the floor with almost mystical presence: and just the authentic mix of perfect harmony and a good sound thrashing.

Bach&Blüte found each other a good decade ago in the turmoil of the Odonien Free State in Cologne, whose inventory they remain to this day.


Just a name
Odonien Records, Ritterbutzkerecords, Cologne

Step into the captivating world of "Just a Name," a dynamic DJ and producer duo driven by Marc and Henning. With a unique blend of rolling beats, dreamy and dark sounds, their DJ sets take you on an emotional journey through different musical styles. In the studio, they craft enchanting music, pushing their creativity to new heights. Their mesmerizing productions bring people together and touch the soul, leaving a lasting impression on the electronic music scene. They are members of Odonien Records and closely associated with the iconic club Odonien in west Germany.
With remixes for Hidden Empires EP „I loved you“ on the label Ritter Butzke Records and other artist, the artistry continues to evolve and mesmerize.
Join "Just a Name" on a magical sonic adventure that fuses dreams and darkness, an experience you won't forget!


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