19.02.2016, 23:59

Nachtigall Club - Brutalism / Release Party

"Brutalism is not concerned with the material as such but rather the quality of the material, that is with the question: what can it do?“ Peter Smithson

The word „Brutalism“ refers to buildings constructed between the end of World War II and the 1970s. Their surfaces of cast concrete are constituted in such a way as to reveal the basic nature of their construction.
Usually these buildings are formed of repeated modular elements representing specific functional zones, distinctly articulated and grouped together into a unified whole.
The exposure of the building's functions, their human use, in the exterior of the building is what ultimately reminded us of the way we want our music to be perceived.
We, that means a collective of friends who grew up together in the area around Cologne and decided to start their own independent label after years of exploring the national and international techno scenes often together and sometimes alone.

For the release of our first tape we invited a dear friend and supporter from Berlin. Jacopo is best known as managing both Midgar Records and NatchRecords, but also running Behave Booking.

Apart from him there will be us, introducing ourselves and the music we created for „Brutalism”.

Distribution soon by Topic Drift Recordstore.