19.03.2016, 22:00

MIKRO Bar & Klub - Suzi Suzuki pres. SUZUKI'S BEATKITCHEN

Flyer für: MIKRO Bar & Klub - Suzi Suzuki pres. SUZUKI'S BEATKITCHEN
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Es wird wieder international im MIKRO Bar & Klub!

music is like food: sometimes it can be a quick snack and
SOMEtimes a large menu… but for sure at all times it
should touch your soul.
the big variety of beatkitchen ranges from creamy lounge to
spicy housebeats with a little tech thrown in for good
measure. this melange wants to hit ALL YOUR tastebutS.
discover suzukisbeatkitchen's flavour and START YOUR
journey through A UNIQUE UNIVERSE of taste and
the labelsessions are designed to give a platform to the
artists of suzuki´s beatkitchen and cooperating friends.
they ALWAYS include suzi suzuki and fellow DJs behind the
decks. to spice up the concept the DJs are playing b2b all
night/day long which is a refreshing idea to regular
bookings. b2b DJing creates a whole new energy to the
as topping there will be related live performances by
singers, drummers, bassguitars, violins or other instruments
that will jam along with the DJsets.
each session will be newly designed and chosen carefully to
not only fit the individual artists but also suit the event.
the set up of the session can be discussed/voted with the
manager/promoter of the venue if desired. but we also like
to SurprisE our audience.
this concept is called FrndS ClltV cause the agreed payment
fee will be devided equally amongst the participating artists
(anounced on the flyer). the thought behind that is to break
up and avoid competition and put creativity, fun and love of
music into the foreground.
of course material and traveling costs will need to be
discussed separately.
this concept has already kicked off successfully in 2015 in
places like veto/ibiza, artyfarty/cologne etc.
the chefs of the beatkitchen are looking forward to