16.12.2022, 23:30

Jaki - Cologne Sessions feat. Ogazón & Aroma Pitch

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Aroma Pitch

The part-Spanish, part-Luxembourgish artist has cultivated her skill and selection process in Amsterdam’s after-hour scene. Now residing in Berlin, her rhythms find inspiration in the eclectic and somewhat wilder characteristics of the city. Not bound to a sound in particular, Ogazón is best in arranging a coherent thread of feelings throughout her sets, be it melancholic bliss, ecstatic hope or just pure dancefloor pleasure.

Aroma Pitch is an electronic music trio from Berlin. The group grew up in Cologne and began to create various types of electronic dance music with their analogue synthesizers, drum machines and harmonized instruments at quite an early age. Being inspired by versatile fields such as classical drumming and Jazz piano they show great enthusiasm for sophisticated rhythms and multi-layered chords. With their unforeseeable and unique collection of throbbing techno, synthesized disco, raw house and other outernational grooves they provide a continual mood of surprise and discovery to their listeners.