04.10.2019, 23:30

Jaki - Cologne Sessions feat. Mama Snake [Jaki – Opening]

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Mama Snake [Amniote Editions, Copenhagen]
Aroma Pitch [APR, Cologne Sessions, Berlin]
MK BRAUN [Henk Records, Cologne Sessions, Köln]

Cologne Sessions is back! After 8 years in the infamous Studio 672 basement, we are more than proud to be involved in the re-creation of the space. Please welcome: JAKI!

For this special occasion we decided to invite one of the DJ's that impressed us most in recent time. MAMA SNAKE is an integral part of the innovative Kopenhagen techno scene. Her uncompromising mix of fresh material and trance classics at a healthy tempo around 130bpm is a signature of whats' coming from the danish capital lately. With her labels Ectotherm, which she ran with Courtesy and is now defunct, or her latest project Amniote Editions she's also showed a good feeling for the curation.

In case you missed her Boiler Room Set there's one comment which sums it up pretty good: Hey everyone! Techno DJs are allowed to play fast again.