02.02.2024, 23:30

Jaki - JAKI presents E.P.I.Q. Nights

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E.P.I.Q. - this Friday, February 02nd.

be prepared for the epic eight
AMSL, Anna Cainelli, C:mone, Nikity, Piush, Savsannah, Sedaction, Sharlipseon.

E.P.I.Q. is a Cologne-based FINTA* collective consisting of eight DJs who leave all genre boundaries behind them. The resulting eclectic style and their collaboration create unique and energetic events. Together and in changing constellations, Cologne-based AMSL, Anna Cainelli, C:Mone, Nikity, Piusch, Savsannah, Sedaction and Sharlie play their way into the hearts of dancers. Sometimes closer to hip hop, then again with strong global pop influences, saturated with percussion or electronic-inspired broken beats: always danceable and always relaxed.