25.12.2017, 23:00

Heinz Gaul - SURD at Gaulbar Cologne

Flyer für: Heinz Gaul - SURD at Gaulbar Cologne
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Somewhen [Osgut Ton Berghain Resident]
Shaleen [Surd]
Empty Vision [Isolation Nonlinear Systems]
Miran Nolden [Isolation Sector]

Art exhibition "Aesthetics of sexuality" by Jules Alexandre

East End Dubs [Eastenderz Fuse London]
Zohki [Moonharbour Deep in You]
Iris Menza [Sisyphos Belgium]
Gevorg Ag [Deep in You]
Poolad Javaheri [Trought Ibiza]
Event: Deep In You at Heinz Gaul Cologne XMAS Edition

[Surd, noun]:
The quality or condition of existing in an irrational world.

"Absurdity creates astonishment
and astonishment leads to experience.
By coupling different entities
- like music and art -
arises an uniquely, extraordinary atmosphere.
Surd's credo is based
on the fundamental ideas of
and some real passion for technomusic. "
- by Courtney Calevra [Surd]