17.10.2015, 22:00

GOLD + BETON - Pre-Listening: Geneva

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Phillip Jondo
Kame House
Kieran Rodrigez

Visuals by:
LaTeTE & Infuso Giallo

The whole night is about this miraculous new club, named GENEVA.
If you want to support us, then tell your friends, pay the entrance fee of 5€ (or higher, if you'd like) and drink a lot.
Music will be presented by 4 of the new residents, that are giving much spirit and much love and much support.
Everybody will work for free - to support this new club in town.

No Crowdfunding - this is a full-prepared party to dance your f***** brains out, drink some high-quality booze and have a very very good time.

Maybe there will be a presentation of some of the work we done already, and some of the changes we're planning right now.

PA sponsored by Kommandozentrale Records

This Party is presented by:
GENEVA CLUB - more info coming soon...