09.06.2023, 23:00

Elektroküche - TechnoBlock pres. SIKOTI & SCALE 9 - Cologne Premiere

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Friday the 09.06.23 we are back in our beloved homebase Elektroküche, this night you can expect some specials, we have Sikoti from Glasgow and Scale 9 from Lyon at the start. Who will celebrate their premiere with us in Cologne on this night.
We are full of anticipation to be able to experience these exceptional artists for the first time at the Elektroküche.

SIKOTI - is a Scottish DJ and Producer from Glasgow. His entrance into electronic music started with house music for around a year until he entered into the techno scene a year and a half ago. Since then he has played some of the best venues/festivals in the country supporting the likes of Charlie Sparks, Pawlowski and Trym to name a few.
His productions have been signed to the biggest labels around and have been played all over the world from the likes of 999999999, Shlomo, Trym, Nico Moreno and many many more.
SIKOTI is one of the UKs most exciting upcoming talents at the moment and has been gaining insane momentum recently with his recent edits and original releases.

SCALE 9 - is an artist from Lyon, a pianist since the age of 8 who has conquered numerous labels and collectives in Europe and across the Atlantic. It is natural that he has created his own structure in 2021: DUR Label. His tracks are played worldwide by renowned artists.

𝕷𝖎𝖓𝖊 𝖚𝖕

SIKOTI (Glasgow 󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿)
SCALE 9 (Lyon )
NIHAD (TechnoBlock)
MATECH (TechnoBlock)

See you, Friends 🩵🤍🩵

// 09.06.23 (23:00-07:00) //

// Only Boxoffice 15€ //

// Location Elektroküche Köln //

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