23.11.2018, 23:59

Artheater - Sector │ Teste - Live │ 20 Years Artheater

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Sector │ 20 Years Artheater Special with:

Teste - LIVE [PLUS8. BITE. Edit Select]
Kavaro [Sector Music]
Stikdorn [henk records. Sector]
Måtyrer b2b Dornen [Brutalism. Sector]

Resident Advisor:

Timetable inside the club.

Formed in the early 90’s and releasing only three official releases on Probe/+8, most notably “The Wipe” which is regarded as an all time classic in the medium. The followup “Regions” which also served as a template for ensuing dark ambient techno fare. From the aftermath of the original lineup of juvenile delinquents that unwittingly ended up defining the hypnotic and drugged out strains of todays’ after-hours techno party. With only a handful of live actions, the final chaotic show (public disturbance) being for Pure in Glasgow in 1994 the project vanished for decades until recently reactivating the chaos in 2014 promoting a slew of remixes “Re-Wipes” on the Edit Select imprint.

HUREN has been slugging it out in the fringes with some influential output on the seminal Zhark Recordings Berlin, recognized as an architect of the Industrial Techno movement and some notable collaborations recently with the O/H project with Rich Oddie of Orphx renown.

Through a chance meeting on Mayday 2017 a new alliance with Goner came about. Goner is likewise a veteran with essential output under various monikers on imprints such as Force Inc., Editions Mego and Hospital Productions to mention a few. From that pairing the Box Man came about for the second release on newborn Bite Recordings imprint the new enterprise of Phase Fatale. June 2018, Teste returns with The Box Man, a five-track EP that marks their first release of original material in 25 years. The Box Man picks up where Teste last left us with their revolutionary vision of techno and continues to further their inter-dimensional manifestation of insanity and formation. Pure techno serving as a method of psychic expulsion and self reckoning.