08.11.2019, 23:00

Artheater - HOOVE w/ Michael James (Constant Black | Mulen)

Flyer für: Artheater - HOOVE w/ Michael James (Constant Black | Mulen)
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HOOVE w/ Michael James


To seek good groove, direction, and exceptional sound is more than a passion to Michael James. It’s a path.

Excellent track selection and 4/4 timing have earned him recognition at a very young age. His soundscape is deep and eclectic and consists of dub minimal, house and techno elements. In the early hours or in small spaces, experiments with deep and chilled sounds are what he likes most. Experienced with setting a big dancefloor alight in any venue from Zoo Projects rocking Seal Pit to Studio 80, Watergate or at Sankeys, he is always enchanted and inspired by the live feedback he gets.


Michael James (Constant Sound, Mulen Records)
DJOKO (PIV, Berg Audio)
J.Feierabend (HOOVE, O-MATO)
Pascal Wagner (HOOVE)
Thalo Santana (HOOVE)


Artheater, Ehrenfeldguertel 127 Cologne
Doors: Fr. 08.11.2019, 11 pm
Entry: 10€