05.01.2024, 23:00

Artheater - ADRENALINE celebrates Cloudys Birthday

Cloudy b2b Fenrick
CAIVA b2b Frederic.
Adrian Mills b2b Ariel (DE)
Vagabund b2b Prossowski

ADRENALINE celebrates Cloudys 28th Birthday !

We are starting the year with a bang, and celebrate Cloudys 28th birthday (it’s the 06th of January) with a special b2b Line up to make you dance the whole night.
For this occasion we have invited none other than Caiva and Frederic.
Caivaric is going to play one of their special b2b sets !
The whole evening is peppered with b2b DJ sets, including Cloudy playing a b2b with Fenrick for the first time, Adrián Mills will go b2b with Ariel for a full groove closing set!
ADRENALINE Debut for two young passionate local talents, hailing from the ADRENALINE events as ravers and also as helpers – Vagabund b2b Prossowski are the best examples of young dynamic energy that is connected to our community spirit!