06.08.2015, 22:00

Artheater - PLATINE – Festival Abschlussabend

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5. PLATINE – Festival Abschlussabend

06. August 2015
ab 22 Uhr

Auch 2015 wollen wir wieder den letzten Abend der PLATINE gebührend feiern. Dieses Jahr werden wir im Biergarten und dem Café des artheaters nochmal zusammenkommen und die letzten Tage Revue passieren lassen. Wir freuen uns auf 2 Stunden spannende Livesets von VLK und TTNM und Sebastian Habben und Joschka Tschirley vom I’m in Love Label aus Köln die den Abend musikalisch einrahmen werden.



VLK is primarily a live electronic music project by Eamon Hamill (also recording as Beauty Product), originally from the US and currently living in Cologne. Stylistically somewhere between techno and experimental radiophonics/drones/ambiences, the music is built up spontaneously using a modular synthesizer, fx boxes and loopers. It is improvised sound that transitions seamlessly from the rhythms, melodies and sequences of propulsive machine-funk dance music to dubbed-out space textures. VLK has played in several clubs and galleries in Europe and the US.

The Tuesday Night Machines like to experiment with the pure electronic sounds of modern music-making devices. They like patch cables, DIY music boxes and blinking lights. Like the name suggests, they usually can be seen and heard on Tuesday nights, when they release a new video on their YouTube channel. Felix, the provider of the Machines’ control input signals, also likes to educate people about synthesizers. He does not plan to adopt a cat, although the thought has crossed his mind several times over the past years.

Born 1985 in Wuppertal Joschka early came in contact with music playing piano and E-Bass during his childhood. With 16 he discovered his love for Hip-Hop, then started deejaying and producing beats. In 2003 he finished the boarding school in Paderborn and moved to Cologne where he came in contact with techno music. Together with Sebastian Habben he then successfully started producing and playing techno as „RaucherEcke“, with releases on labels like 200 Records and Treibstoff and many DJ-Gigs in Cologne, Berlin and the rest of Germany. Later, in 2012 he founded „I’m in Love“ contributing the labels’ first release.

Sebastian was born 1983 in a small village called Bensberg, where he started collecting and playing records at the age of 16. Back then he was spinning Hip-Hop but it wasn’t long until his first rave. Shortly after, in 2001, he moved to Cologne where he started to digg deeper into techno music. He then met Joschka Tschirley and they shared a flat called the „RaucherEcke“, which also became their artists name later. In 2008 the duo played their first DJ-Ging as „RaucherEcke“ with their debut record to follow one year later on 200 Records. After that Sebastian quickly made his way into the Cologne techno scene where he became one of the most requested residents. Since then three more releases as „RaucherEcke“ followed and the duo started to attract attention beyond Cologne playing for example in Berlin, Leipzig or Dresden.