14.12.2018, 20:00

Acephale - Dublab Future Roots Night - Ameel Brecht (Live)

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Last dublab Future Roots Night for this year, and its a special one. We're more than happy to welcome guitar virtuoso Ameel Brecht from Belgium for his very first concert in Cologne. If you've seen him play live at our Sleepless Floor at this years' Meakusma Festival you know you're in for something special. If you haven't - trust us. You will not be disappointed.

Please note: The concert starts at 9pm sharp, please don't be late. Big dance afterwards!

Ameel Brecht (Kraak / Belgium)

dublab Crew + friends


Ameel Brecht (BE)
Next to being one of the core members of the celebrated sonic hex outfit Razen, Ameel Brecht is a trained guitar player who has a life-long involvement with the instrument’s repertoire under his belt. On his debut album “Polygraph Heartbeat” (released on Kraak in 2018), he puts his guitar-heart on the line by means of 9 compositions for steel resonator and resonator mandolin, two instruments which Ameel chose because of their specific timbral features.

The album is a reflection of polyphonic music as seen through a multi-coloured and highly personal lens, as Ameel’s guitar idiom crossbreeds a classical technique and weird open tunings with a love for early ragtime, slide grandmasters and baroque music; throwing a moebius knot around the string sounds of Roy Smeck and Turlough O’Carolan.


With friendly support by Kulturamt der Stadt Köln. Dankeschön!